What is SociClicks & Why Would Your List Will Love It?

If you really need to increase traffic, engagement and conversions, either on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and Tumblr, without the need for expensive ads, SociClicks is exactly what you need.
There’s no tool like this available in the market. Though there’re social automation apps, and a few that borrow this idea, but none is as close—or can help you drive traffic to your links—which will in turn drive huge, TARGETED traffic to your website

Here’s a recent study by Post planner:

The first thing you'll notice here is that the Reach of photo posts is the lowest of the 3 post types.

And the reason is this. Most images aren’t clickable.

They’re mostly clicks to view the photo

The clicks won’t drive traffic to your website -- which is the top priority for your business.

This is where SociClicks comes in.

The beautiful thing is this:

SociClicks doesn’t just work for Facebook groups, profile or pages, it helps drive traffic to your links—whether they be your own site or an offer you’re pushing across 5 major social networks!

What Problem Does SociClicks Solve?

Here’s a recent study by the Director of Social Media at Salem Web Network

That’s 82% more pageviews by posting pure links instead of posting photos with links in the caption!

Just imagine if that was an affiliate offer. I’m very sure he probably would have generated over 6 figures

This shows that, engaging images and Memes are good, but they can’t drive traffic to your sites. Which is our end goal. But Sociclicks solve all that

Before now, you can’t post your image with any link in all social network directly.

For example, you can’t post your image with any link on Facebook profile, Twitter or LinkedIn or Tumblr directly. Yes. I mean you can.

But you can only post links, and the social network will grab an image from your site and display it. But it’s not effective.

You need to use your own custom image for your link. That will interact your user and attract more users, to click on your image.

And with our tool you can do it. Only you can post custom image with your link in Facebook pages directly. But not with any tools right now because of Facebook‘s recent change.

But then again, we found the solution to post it and with our tool, you can achieve this, and make it more automated.

Moreover, with SociClicks, users are given the power to monitor (with full statistics), their link clicks, can insert their pixel code for tracking visitors for FB retargeting ads, they’re given a preview of each social media posts before posting, can edit , and clone each link campaign, and above all?

This works across 5 major social networks!

How SociClicks can translate to TRAFFIC and
Sales for your customers

To make money online, you need to make sales.

But to achieve this, you need traffic to your website. MASSIVE traffic; and social media is the best to quickly garner customers

Posting attractive images and memes can attract potential clients, and of course, they will click on your images.

But when your images are clickable, they’ll be redirected to either your website or choice of destination—which is traffic with no extra cost.

Imagine as an affiliate marketer, using SociClicks:

All you need do is post your aff. Links across 5 social networks with custom image, (which will get you a lot of clicks and sales), without paying for ads or doing any extra work

All you need do is:

1. Add your FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and Tumblr account
2. Create a campaign: an image with custom link, title, and description,
3. Post to your Facebook profiles, pages and groups

4, Get full report of each link (how much you generated on each link, total number of visitors from each social media, country, city, and even browser used. Everything you need to improve your promotion campaign)

5. insert your pixel code for tracking visitor for Facebook retargeting ads
6. Preview of each social media post before posting
7. Edit your Schedule post
8. Clone each campaign anytime.


And a STORM of traffic to your websites

In addition guys, SociClicks works for any industry,

Any niche..

Be it whether you’re into

Amazon products, video marketing, email marketing, software, ads conversion, website conversion, SEO tools, make money online, offline, review videos, real estate, doctor, fitness, dog training, finance, etc.

The potential is limitless

Here’s a full detailed DEMO showing you how to use SociClicks to rake in thousands of visitors, and good figures from your affiliate campaign.

Our Proven 5 Figure Promo Funnel

Main Contest Prizes


Eligibility: Your earned commissions should be equal or more than prize corresponding to your position on leader board.

Here’s Why you Should Promote SociClicks

1. Killer Product This is Unlike Anything You’ve EVER Seen Before:

My last launch SociOffer pulled in $60k gross, with hundreds of sales on a daily basis even after launch with a refund rate of less than 1%. Overtime, I’ve improved on the quality of the product I put out, and this will be no different.

Promoting SociClicks would not only make you a lot of money, you can also be confident that you’re promoting a solid product—that months after launch would be properly maintained.

2. $4,000 in JV cash Contest Prizes - $275/Sales

My last launch converted at $8+ EPCS, and 30% conversion rates across the funnel, and those numbers keep increasing—and SociClicks won’t be any different. We keep raising the BARS…

Crazy products, badass launches, better numbers, and a larger prize POOL!

3. I’m going to go BACK to BACK for You

I reciprocate HARD on anyone who supports me.
In the past 3 months I’ve appeared on leaderboards—I’ve even lost count on; closing several with an healthy 4-5 figure promo If you hit me HARD, I hit you HARDER!

4. $8+ EPCS and atleast 30% conversions across the funnel

I had several affiliates screaming and shouting about how crazy conversions were on SociOffer Victory literally had over 14 sales without even sending out a mail

If you promote SociClicks, I’m going to make every of your CLICKS count!
You mail, and all you hear is ‘’CHA-CHING’’

Do We Reciprocate?

Smashed Edmund's "COVER GENIE PRO" launch by ending up as the top affiliate; sending over 200 sales in less than 48 hours!

Recently, I literally crushed it on two leaderboards at the same time, for both Dr Amit & Ankur Shukla.

Also smashed WP DigiPro Launch recently

Here’s What Other Marketers are saying...

Danny, well what can I say about him? He emerged as #1 super affiliate and brought in more than 200 sales easily for our Cover Genie Pro launch, and what amazed me was the fact he was competing against many other heavy weights that have been in this business for much longer. There's more to him than the amazing results: he shows incredible resolve, can-do attitude and how affiliate marketing should really be done. You are awesome Danny; I've been humbled to learn your ways too!"

Edmund Loh

Internet Entrepreneur, Author & Speaker


Danny is an awesome guy, a great affiliate partner and an amazing vendor who pours his soul in his pursuits. He's sent us 100s of sales and won some of our leaderboards. Not only that, his products are top quality with great value and they convert pretty well. You want to hook up with Danny, dude is a moving train!"

Magnus YMB properties…

I have seen Danny going from strength to strength with his launches this year and he always sends solid sales to the Fresh Store Builder launches as an affiliate. He is a great person to build a long term, profitable relationship with. Thank you for your support as always mate and good luck with your launches!"

Carey Baird

Danny is not just a great friend, he is also one of my trusted long term JV partners. This guy has risen so fast in the industry, smashing all records there is to break. This guy knows his stuff and can send tons of sales to your launches!"

Austin E Anthony

Danny is an up and coming marketer doing some really awesome launches under his belt. His products are always top notch. As an affiliate, his product converts well & made my paypal account happy :)"

Austin E Anthony

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